Pretty Little Liars + Characters

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Augustus is quirky, weird, and nerdy. That’s kind of how I am in real life. Really! I paint miniatures and play video games, too. I have a lot in common with the guy!

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"This is a pirate transmission from District Thirteen, with a message…THE MOCKINGJAY LIVES

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“I trust these girls with my life.”

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Abandoned puppy with improperly formed legs gets a second chance at a wonderful life full of love with a new forever family!!!

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Augustus Waters drove horrifically. Whether stopping or starting, everything happened with a tremendous JOLT. I flew against the seat belt of his Toyota SUV each time he braked, and my neck snapped backward each time he hit the gas. I might have been nervous — what with sitting in the car of a strange boy on the way to his house, keenly aware that my crap lungs complicate efforts to fend off unwanted advances — but his driving was so astonishingly poor that I could think of nothing else.

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